Web Design isn’t just a service we provide, it’s a passion we pursue to craft inspiring websites with a perfect fusion of code and creativity. Our designers not only create an interface which is aesthetically pleasing but take meticulous care in communicating the functionality and the content of the website to the audience and to Google.

Besides an array of web development services, web designing is our sweet spot. Our creative experts have a comprehensive understanding of the adobe creative suite and are always on the watch to update their knowledge and skill with the latest trends in technology. Some of the web design we custom design and develop for our clients are:

Responsive Web Design

With the evolution of smartphones and mobile internet websites have gone beyond the traditional boundaries of computers and laptops to explore a whole new world of mobile devices.

What is a Responsive Website?
A Responsive Website is site which has a flexible layout that detects the visitor’s screen size and orientation and changes the layout accordingly. It’s a site which is contextual to the size of the screen so that a user doesn’t have to scour the length of the website to find what he is looking for.

Responsive Website

What are the benefits of a Responsive Website?

Optimal Browsing: A responsive website would give your users an optimal experience while browsing through your products and services through different mobile devices without any glitches.

One website to Make, Maintain and Market: It can prove quite troublesome and expensive to maintain and market different websites for different platforms. A Responsive website removes you from the trouble of doing this by working on every smartphone and tablet platform.

Tap New Audience: With more and more users connected to a mobile device your chances to increase your global clientele are bright. Tap a whole new world of audience by this novel concept of a Responsive Website. Don’t build for the present, build for the future NOW! Your business is in the hands of the millions of users with mobile devices.

WordPress Website

WordPress Websites have become the most preferred medium for business owners to bring their offline businesses and create an online presence to reach a MILLIONS of people searching your goods or services. The easy-to-use WordPress is the most downloaded platform. It powers more than 70 million websites worldwide and growing!

WordPress has grown from a simple blogging platform into a very intuitive Content Management System (CMS) for easy management and control of content. Once up and running with WordPress, one can easily update, change, or edit anything without needing any technical expertise or detailed knowledge.

WordPress websites are a great way to showcase your products and services and bring thousands of visitors to your digital doorstep and take your businesses to new heights.

Mobile Website Design

Mobile devices have found a permanent home in people’s life. It’s has become a sidekick who assists them with every search oriented need. Mobile devices have revolutionized the world! To take advantage of this huge marketplace, your presence on the mobile web becomes paramount for your growth and development.

Mobile Website

The statistics on mobile internet access has forever shown an upward trajectory with more and more people using their mobile devices to access Internet for an array of reasons. That reason can be to find you and your business. Mobile Internet subscriptions have touched a staggering 6.8 billion! That almost equals the world’s population. The power of this vehicle cannot be ignored. By not getting in the Mobile space you will by bypassing a opportunities which could have filtered down your sales funnel as prospected leads . Please don’t let this happen to your business.

At this juncture in our tech history it appears that Mobile and Mobile Websites are here to stay. Consumers are now more likely to visit your website from a mobile device than a desktop or laptop. The time is now to embrace the powerful potential of the mobile web and expose your business services to the millions of users already on accessing mobile web.

A Mobile Website Design requires a lot of user interaction and more a tailored mobile functionality for a great user experience. Allow our Netgains America mobile web designers to help you reap the powerful benefits of mobile marketing and bring qualified customers to your front door.

Parallax Web Design

The Meaning of Parallax: “According to its dictionary meaning, Parallax is apparent displacement or the difference in apparent direction of an object as seen from two different points not on a straight line with the object.”

So what is Parallax Web Design ?
Parallax Web Design is an extremely creative way of designing the web. A Parallax Website contains multiple layers of a parallax image which moves across the screen at different rates to imply depth and perspective. When we add a second parallax image on top of the existing layer a cutting-edge 3D effect is the result.

Parallax Website

Why do you need a Parallax Design ?
By using a faux-3D effect and layering multiple images that scroll at different speeds a viewer is exposed to great transition and animation effects as he scrolls down the page. It is extremely important to have a company website that instantly grabs and holds a customer’s attention.

Our Netgains America Parallax Website Developers utilize next generation HTML5 and CSS3. This creates a stunning parallax designs with new markup elements to awe and impress your visitors.